The Vice presidential candidate of the CPP Dr. Abu Sakara the global economic crisis facing the West is an indication that capitalism is not a sustainable economic system.

He said the system oppressed the poor in favour of the rich.

Dr. Sakara was addressing the media in Accra.

“We must pursue an economic system that is human centered and ensures that we are each others’ keeper.”

According to him, the CPP’s policy of government intervention to ensure that the poorest members of the society have access to essential services is the best in all the manifestos presented by the various political parties.

He cautioned against voting for any other political party either then the Convention People’s Party.

“Do we want a continuing widening gap between the rich and the poor, do we want a widening gap between the urban and rural areas?”, he asked.

For him, to avoid a worsening economic and poverty situation in the country, the CPP must be voted into office.

Dr. Sakara exhorted Ghanaians to look at the governance system of the country because it determined the economic prosperity or otherwise of the country.

On the election of District Chief Executives captured in the CPP manifesto, he said the argument that it is impossible because of the tendency for opposition people to win the slot and draw back government’s plans is untenable.

He said there were many checks that would make the DCE accountable to the people.

“People will compete for the position of DEC under the CPP and be voted for on the basis of merit” and this will fast-track development instead, he argued.

On the position of the party on the ballot paper, Dr. Sakara said since the CPP won independence for Ghana on March 6, 1957, a sixth position is good for the party.

He said the party will once again win the election on the elections and lift the country out of its economic woes.

The National Vice Chairman of the CPP, Mrs Araba Bentsi-Enchill, who was present at the press briefing, said a tour of the country shows the grim reality of poverty facing the masses.

She said while the NPP had been touting its performance in road construction, many roads especially in the northern part of the country were in a sorry state.

She said a CPP government will create women desks in every district to ensure that women’s concerns are adequately taken care of.

Story by Malik Abass Daabu