The Central Regional Command of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), mobilized GH¢286,856.70 as its Internally Generated Fund (IGF) as against the targeted GH¢262,595.70 for the year 2021.

The Command therefore exceeded its revenue target, as set by the Ministry of Finance, by nine percent.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFOI) John Amarlai Amartey, Regional Commander of the GNFS, disclosed this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency.

The accomplishment was based on revenue mobilized from fire certificate registrations, renewal, and permits granted by the Service.

ACFOI Amartey attributed the achievement to increased fire certificate inspections and public education on compliance and legal ramifications of non-compliance.

“Regular community engagements on the need to renew fire certificates and fees yielded results,” he said.

He commended the determination, commitment, courage, and proactiveness of personnel of the Service across the region which he said made the region the ultimate choice for all personnel.

“Personnel of the Central Regional Command are one of the most enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced firemen in the Country”, he noted.

ACFOI Amartey also commended some benevolent institutions and individuals for their contributions towards the rehabilitation of some facilities to reduce pressure on existing infrastructure.

He cited the completion of the maintenance office building to accommodate some Departments, Regimental Band, and the Dance Band.

He announced that the Senior Fire Officer’s Flat at Nkanfoa, a suburb of Cape Coast, which was dilapidated, had been given on contract for renovation.

He advised the public to obey fire safety precautions and regulations to avoid the dire consequences associated with the outbreak of infernos.

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