Communications Director for Charitable CEOs, Eric Affaidu

A group of business leaders, Charitable CEOs has positioned itself to provide support for the vulnerable in the country.

The group made up of Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, Directors and Company Owners is geared towards enhancing the lives of people who genuinely need financial help in education, acquisition of employable skills and healthcare.

This vacuum sought to be filled by this initiative has become even more pronounced by the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Government has instituted the Covid-19 Alleviation Programme to help reduce impact of the virus on the lives of Ghanaians.

Despite the move, many vulnerable groups in the populace are still suffering the brunt of the pandemic without any support base to help hold their grounds.

Some of these youth have taken to the street among other unpleasant means possible including begging for alms to make ends meet.

But Communications Director for Charitable CEOs, Eric Affaidu, believes that “each person has his or her own story to tell, and many of us instinctively want to give money to them because we think they need our help. But giving money directly to people on the streets can keep them on the streets for longer.”

The group in a press statement said: “As well as providing practical help to the youths on the streets, Charitable CEOs Street Aid gives CEOs, Directors, Managing Directors, and company owners who want to help the youths on the streets an alternative to handing money directly to them. If you donate to Charitable CEOs Street Aid, your donation is combined with hundreds of others to make a meaningful sum that will make a real difference to someone’s life.”

The funds received by the group will also be geared towards other projects such as the skills development and unemployment aid.

These skills will be tailored to suit Ghana’s strategic plan for skills development with focus on upgrading the industrial skills of the youths  for  the industries in  need.

The Unemployment Aid, one of the projects by the group is set to provide assistance to a selected number of workers or self-employed people who lost work or had work interrupted due to certain circumstances.

Individuals who fall within this bracket can apply to be inducted into the organisation’s programme to enable them revive their employment careers, according to the group which is scheduled for an official launch in August 2020.

Mr Affaidu, who doubles as the CEO of Priority View Homes, a real estate construction company, also encouraged CEOs and Managing Directors across Ghana to buy into the organisation to impact lives and alleviate hardship.

The launch of Charitable CEOs will be held in Accra where the Board and the Trustees will be made public.