Research conducted globally by Pepsodent has found that children are 7 times more likely to skip brushing if their parents do not brush twice a day. 

According to the study, when a parent brushes twice a day, the probability that a child will skip brushing is only 9% and when a parent skips brushing, the chance that a child also skipsbrushing is 69%.

To commemorate World Oral Health Day, a day set aside globally to raise awareness on oral hygiene, Unilever’s Pepsodent brand is introducing #BrushWithMe, a campaign designed to remind parents of their responsibility in taking care of the oral health of themselves and their children, and to encourage families to brush better together.

The #BrushWithMe global campaign is driven by the new research data and highlights the importance of building good oral care routines within the family.

Mame Serwah Saifah, Oral Care Brand Manager of Unilever Ghana is optimistic about the opportunity that exists to make positive changes and empower parents to build better oral care habits for the whole family.

She noted, “We recognise the role parents play as agents of change for the family when it comes to instilling lifestyle habits and daily routines. 

“As verified by our research, the actions of parents are often mimicked by their children, both good and bad. For this reason, we want to encourage parents as we celebrate World Oral Health Day with #BrushWithMe, to inculcate good oral health routine in the family by brushing day and night alongside their children.”

In his remarks, Dr. Paapa Puplampu, President, Ghana Dental Association lauded Pepsodent for their continued commitment to unleashing the power of healthy smiles by eradicating oral disease among Ghanaians with their innovative toothpaste products and educational programs such as #BrushWithMe

He mentioned that regular tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste is a key recommendation for caries prevention and tooth decay.   

Dr Puplampu observed that “Oral Health is considered an important and integral part of general health for both children and adults. 

“Oral health has been closely tied to the overall health of the entire body, so making sure that your children have the best oral health care by brushing twice-that is morning and evening will ensure they have great smiles as well as protection from negative effects of poor oral health.” 

Pepsodent #BrushWithMe campaign urges all parents and guardians to re-focus their attention on practicing good oral health care at home and set the example for the children by brushing better together.