Chirano Gold Mines has donated medical supplies, including PPEs to health facilities in the Western North Region to support the fight against Covid-19.

The items worth GHS260,000 ($45,000) were donated through the Regional Minister to the facilities.

The Western North Region is one of the few regions yet to record an infection of coronavirus.

Nonetheless health facilities are being equipped with PPEs and other supplies to make them ready to handle any infection that may be recorded.

Vice President and General Manager of Chirano Gold Mines, Ltd, Terence Watungwa, said being a major stakeholder in the region, the Mine has a responsibility to support the efforts by health facilities in the catchment area to prepare for a Covid-19 outbreak.

“Facilities that will benefit directly from this are Municipal hospitals in Bibiani, and Wiawso, as well as the four clinics in the mine catchment area,” he said.

The Western North Regional Minister, Kinsley Aboagye Gyedu, commended Chirano Gold Mines, and acknowledges the region lacked PPEs.

He added, saying the supplies will boost the morale of health workers in the beneficiary facilities.

“A lot of the items are PPEs that are for the health workers which we were lacking very much so this is going to embolden our health staff to be able to protect themselves first and willing to deal with patients when they come,” he said.

Mr Aboagye Gyedu continues that, “…because It is only when they feel safe that they will be confidence enough to do their work as expected, but when they don’t have PPEs it is difficult and you don’t expect them to give out their best.”

He called on private companies in the region to lend a helping hand and support the fight against the coronavirus.

Kinsley Aboagye Gyedu says the region needs the support of these entities to help with preparation towards a possible outbreak of the virus.

He made the call when Chirano Gold Mines Limited presented medical supplies including PPEs to the region, to be distributed to health facilities.

“You can never be sure when the disease is going to last, these items you have presented are of good quality, expensive and so much.

“We appreciate it (the donation) but they might not be enough to last us the whole period that is why we are appealing with other organizations operating in our region to emulate your gesture,” he said.

The MINE’s precautionary measure

In the wake of the lockdown, the company has put out precautionary measures to contain the spread by imposing a lockdown at the company.

Mr Watungwa, explains its measures extends beyond the Mine to its catchment area.

“Our precautionary measures to contain the spread is not only involve in Chirano Mines, it extends beyond the mine to our catchment area, meaning Communities of Bekwai, Bibiani, and Wiawso, as well as very immediate communities surrounding the Mine.

Since the country was in a lockdown situation, we are also impose on a lockdown, which means we are not allowing entrance to our premises from anyone from outside

He continues that it is critical that the company prioritise the safety and health of the people within its operational area.

“This is also just one of the wide range of controls and measures we have put in place, and it is within our own interest to make sure that we prioritise safety and health of people in the catchment area,” he added.