One of Accra’s largest, poorly planned and overpopulated communities, Chorkor is booming with babies as it grapples with the lack of basic infrastructure for residents.

The fishing community, which is home to about 3000 people, lacks the most basic infrastructure like toilets, bathrooms, proper drains and adequate road infrastructure.

Joy News’ Naa Deede Tettey visited the community and reports that it is very common to see girls as young as thirteen years with babies while others the same age are expecting to become mothers.

Thirteen year old Janet who is already three months pregnant said she wanted to go to school but could not get the assistance she required and this has accounted for her pregnancy.

An opinion leader in the community, Nii Okuley, said because child birth is highly regarded in the community, a girl who is sixteen years and has not given birth is stigmatized.  

This he says compels the young girls to engage in pre-marital sex.

Many residents have however blamed government for its failure to redevelop the area and provide the necessary facilities to improve the living standards of the people.

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