The National Peace Council (NPC) has advised that more Christians should be involved in politics and affairs of governance.

Board Member of the Council, Rev Dr Amoo Darku said the best persons to assume the mantle of governance are Christians.

He said the church had in times past failed to encourage its members to partake in issues concerning what he said is termed the “marketplace ministry”.

Speaking on the role of faith-based organisations ahead of the December general elections on Joy News’ AM show Wednesday, he said the notion that the church is expected to alienate itself from politics is a misconception.

He explained that this is because God’s will for mankind requires the participation of Christians in issues of governance.

“We had always thought of the works of politics and business as secular, which in itself is wrong.

“For something to be considered spiritual or secular, it is dependent on the person associated with it. A spiritual person applies the principles and tenets of the gospel to what he does and renders it spiritual.

“If the people involved in politics are not Christians or God-fearing, then, of course, they are secular, and hence carry out activities with that mindset,” he said.

Also speaking on the show was Rev Dr Adu Gyamfi who added that religious leaders are working at inculcating religious habits into political players.

The religious cleric advised that there is a need for politicians to replicate lessons from the church in the execution of their responsibilities.