Labour Expert, Austin Gamey

Labour expert, Austin Gamey says clarity must be brought to bear concerning the President’s directive that the Auditor General, Daniel Yao Domelevo should proceed on a 167-day accumulative leave.

According to him, the best place to seek clarity on this issue would be the National Labour Commission (NLC) and not necessarily the law courts as some have suggested.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express, he explained that should the issue be taken to the court it will not be helpful to any of the involved parties.

“Clarity must be brought to bear on this that is why when it comes to applying the Labour Act it is the National Labour Commission that is the primary place to go, not necessarily the courts.

“Then when one is not satisfied of the ruling or of the award given by the National Labour Commission or a mediator or as the case may be, then you proceed to court seek other redress. That is what it is.

“This is a professional HR function and I think that there are very notable people in the government like Kojo and the rest of them who should be able to advise on this issue. It’s purely an HR issue. Running it into the legalistic domain would not be very helpful to anybody.”

He stated that that may be the reason why some Civil Society Organisations have resorted to using social media trends and hashtags #BringBackDomelevo to push the hand of the President to rescind his decision.

He however suggested that the Auditor General be allowed to take his 2020 leave instead of an accumulated leave.

He explained that for one to go on such an extended leave would suggest his services are no longer needed.

“So I’ll urge that they should invite people if they like, they should sit around, and have a conversation and let the man take his 2020 leave and return to work

“Anybody who takes an accumulated leave of over 167 days maybe we don’t need him, we don’t need him in any office because he’s of no value to us. By the time he returns he’s virtually a complete something else.

“So if they’d allow him to do his work, take the 2020 leave but the accumulated leave is not necessary to start with. That’s the point.”