The Civil and Local Government Staff Association has petitioned the National Pensions Regulatory Authority over alleged submission of processing forms for retiree, which is likely to deny their members the full benefit on retirement.

According to CLOGSAG, the said form was designed in a manner that denied pensioners any further claims, thereafter.

The Association said coercing retirees to sign such declaration forms was wrong.

Executive Secretary of CLOGSAG, Isaac Bampoe Addo explained that the development by SSNIT is unlawful.

According to him, the petitioners have been telephoning them for the past months on the various issues relating to how they have been short changed on their pension benefit.  So far, CLOGSAG has received about 150 petitioners’ complaints on pension issues.

Mr. Bampoe-Addo said his outfit has notified and petitioned the NPRA accordingly.

“We have given them two weeks, we want to see what action NPRA will take against SSNIT relating to this issues because it’s very clear that our pensioners are being given a raw deal and as an association I don’t think we will sit down and allow our members to be cheated.”

“We have been holding some meetings currently and we are about to conclude a formula for the calculations of  benefit, that is why we are at a loss that whiles the formulae has not been concluded , SSNIT is coercing our retirees to sign a declaration”, he lamented.

He further added that the association won’t sit down for its members to be short changed.

“Imagine someone working for 39 years and for 28 years contribution to SSNI,  he was given GH¢8,000 and for 11 years of contribution to the second tier, he was given GH¢24,000. So you see the huge gap…what are they doing with the money, he concluded”.

Meanwhile, Michael Siti Komla who has retired from the Ministry of Local Government says he refused to sign the document because SSNIT wanted his pension to be processed with his current statement, hence his reason for petitioning CLOSAG.

“I collected my retirement letter from my HR and was told to send it to SSNIT to process my pension but I was told to sign an acceptance letter before processing. After reading through, I refused to sign because if I sign that letter that means I wrote the letter and if there is any benefit or any top up I’ll not get it” he stated.