The Maestro Kojo Antwi is one revered artiste in the Ghanaian music industry. His style and ability to blend into any genre of his choice have been admired by many. 

Hence it is not surprising the singer and songwriter, Cobby Raymond has taken a page from his mentor’s books to serve Ghanaians an amazing song.

The artiste has released a love song ‘Afrafranto’ inspired by Kojo Antwi’s song with the same title.

Speaking in an interview, Cobby, said that he and his management at EKO Music decided to release Afafranto first because of Kojo Antwi’s influence in putting Ghana on the map.

“This paved the way for many young people like me…there is no better way to appreciate him than to sample his song, with his permission,” he added.

Cobby has over sixty songs under his belt written for himself and other artistes as well.

After working in the studio for over five years, the young musician believes this is the right time to introduce himself, “and in what better way to do than express how much you have been inspired by your mentor.”

The artiste will soon release an album but wants Ghanaians to enjoy Afafranto, while he prepares for them, a masterpiece.