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Code 57 to mentor youth in entertainment

Ghanaian youth who are passionate about transforming their fortunes through business, entertainment or education will soon have an engagement with Code 57. 

The movement which has its roots from the United Kingdom, provides mentorship, exposure and financial assistance to viable ventures being championed by the youth. 

Young individuals, with ideas that will improve their lives and those of their prospective employees, will be given assistance by agents of the movement in Ghana. 

Code 57 is the brainchild of Pastor David Augutsine Nii Adjaye, who is the leader of Spac Nation in the UK. Spac Nation funds activities of the youth movement and currently has a membership of about 2,000 good-willing people. 

Nii Adjay during a media interaction on Wednesday, stated that it was important to allow his fellow Ghanaian youth benefit from the initiative hence the decision to establish a base in Ghana. 

Despite being a pastor, he said that Code 57 welcomes individuals in the entertainment space irrespective of the kind of music or activity they are engaged in. 

He believes that it is better for the Church to embrace secular artistes than to judge them. 

The first Ghanaian youth to receive assistance from the movement is Jerry Ofori Affran Biscoffe, who owns Yaa Broni, a Fante kenkey selling business. 

Biscoffe nicely packages his Fante kenkey fortified with sesame seeds and makes deliveries to shops and individuals. 

Managers of Code 57 in Ghana have urged the youth of the country who need support for their ideas to contact the movement via all social media platforms.