Provision of modernized equipment for commercial farming purposes will be one of the highest priorities of President Akufo Addo’s second term economic recovery programme.

Accordingly, funds will be sourced from the recently launched GH¢100 billion “Obaatampa project” to support the agricultural sector.

Speaking at the maiden state of the nation’s address after winning the second term bid, President Akufo Addo hinted that, the priorities underlined in the programme will be key in reviving the economy after the pandemic.

Meanwhile, he has also been projecting an accelerated pick up in the economy from this year due to the ongoing vaccination exercise against the coronavirus pandemic.

President Akufo Addo believes that an aggressive effort into the sector will attract more educated youth into commercial farming.

He also hinted that the establishment of the development bank from the obaatampa programme will boost economic growth – an economic growth above the IMF projection for the year.