Since the lockdown was lifted by the President, some workers have been reluctant to go back to work as the novel coronavirus still looms. 

Employers have to find ways to encourage their staff to return to the workplace while maintaining the functionality and health of employees.

Head of Human Resources at CalBank, Sammy Boafo says constant engagement through various platforms is key to maintaining a much needed open line between management and its staff in any organisation which has a returning workforce amidst coronavirus.

“One thing is constant engagement using the various platforms to engage our staff. Through this medium it’s about educating people and letting people understand at every stage what actions or decisions management intend to implement,” he said speaking on Joy FM’s Ultimate Health show, Sunday.

He explained that opening up communication directly between the two parties ensures that anxieties among or apprehension from employees are understood and factored into decision-making.

“It is important you do not leave any room for suspicion, rumours or actions that are going to affect the life of your staff. They need to hear from management directly and ask questions and seek clarifications on a daily basis,” he added. 

“That’s one of the key decisions we made to help our staff get on board with us.”

Staff are therefore reassured of management’s support in addition to preventive protocol measures enforced in the place of work.