A new year is here and it is time once again to affirm our commitment to our nation through deeds and not words.

During the past twelve months there were many events and incidents, which have impacted on many lives. Our hearts are with the families and friends of all the victims of the carnage on our roads, floods, and fires.

While some have found hope, a great many more are affected by the consequences of the common evils of poverty, disease, ignorance, mismanagement and corruption. The increasing cost of living, soaring unemployment, constricting space for economic opportunities and the recently announced increase in petroleum prices would all exacerbate the economic difficulties confronting the majority of Ghanaians.

As citizens of Nkrumah’s Ghana our aspirations are for better healthcare system, a better access to quality education and easier and equal access to opportunities, particularly for the youth.

This new year is an important year for Ghana’s democracy with the 6th election of our 4th Republic.

The CPP pledges to prosecute a peaceful and decent campaign devoid of violence, insults, acrimony and all actions that may have negative implication on public safety, national security and national cohesion. We call on all other political parties to do likewise in the supreme interest of the nation.

The role of the youth in particular is critical and we urge them to refuse to become agents of deception and violence. We also urge the media to help entrench Ghana’s democracy by giving equal coverage to all political views. We further urge all political parties to join us in discouraging all acts of verbal or physical attacks on personalities, and rather focus on issues that concern Ghanaians.

We must look to this coming year, this election year, as an opportunity to restore hope and optimism. As we learn from the failures of the past, we must use this election as a duty to return this country and the average Ghanaian to the original path of self-reliance, self-sufficiency and away from dependency. This is the time for everyone who loves this country to reject apathy and indecision and reach for real change.

True to its tradition the CPP continues to break new grounds with the election of a new female leadership.

We remain strong, united and determined to live up to our aims and objectives to enhance Ghana’s development and prosperity.


God bless you all

God bless Ghana

Samia Yaba Nkrumah, MP
Chairperson and Leader