The National Council of elders of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), on Tuesday called on active members, supporters and sympathisers of the party to intensify their efforts towards achieving victory in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections on December 7.

A statement signed by Mr. Kweku Amoa-Awuah, chairman of the CPP National Council of elders, commended all the parliamentary and presidential candidates for their sacrifice in serving the needs of the party and providing national services to the country.

It said “The elders want to assure the candidates that such sacrifices would not be in vain. This time round the whole country is looking to the CPP to win the election 2008, so as to redeem the country from several hardships confronting the nation and its people.”

The statement said real confidence shown by the people of Ghana in the CPP ability to deliver as was done under the leadership of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah will manifest again and the CPP must grasp it adding the “ CPP has done it before and can do it again”.

It said programmes of the CPP, which were tailored to raise the social and economic development of the country was on course and would assist in completing the unfinished socio-economic programmes to foster work and happiness in Ghana.

The Council appealed to all factions to close their ranks and work in solidarity with the party’s presidential and parliamentary candidates in order to return the CPP to power.

Source: GNA