A rival faction in the Ga chieftaincy dispute has cautioned the general public to stay away from Saturday’s coronation of the new Ga King, because their safety cannot be guaranteed.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra, the faction said the coronation is a mere attempt to give recognition to Dr Jo Blankson and legitimize his position as a King of the Ga state.

They said this is a deviation from Ga custom and will not allow it to come off.

The faction was represented by heads of the Ga Dsaase, Teiko Tsuru, Tackie Komme, Amugi and Abola families.

They said Dr Jo Blankson and the Ga Traditional Council have flouted all laid down procedures in connection with the installation of a Ga King.

The Dsaasetse, Nii Yaote Otoga, told the press a new Ga King is never nominated and enstooled to succeed a deceased king when he has not been buried.

Nii Otoga said Jo Blankson’s nomination and selection was done without the participation of all the accredited kingmakers. Even though there is yet to be a ruling on Dr. Jo Blankson’s nomination and enstoolment by the Judicial Committee of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, the Ga Traditional Council has planned his coronation for Saturday April 14.

Nii Otoga says Jo Blankson and the traditional council will be committing an illegality if they go ahead with the programme. He said their action will be a recipe for lawlessness and chaos in the metropolis and will not be tolerated.

“We have restrained the youth all these while inspite of all the provocations. Our prayer is that the good sensibilities of those planning the coronation would prevail for them to call it off but if they don’t we cannot guarantee peace and order in Accra,” he charged.

The rival faction cautioned invited guests and the public to heed the advice of the president to be careful not to celebrate impunity. Nii Otoga further advises the corporate bodies to reject letters soliciting financial support for the event.

“I have been shown letters signed by Mr J.S Addo, a member of the Council of State and Mr Charles Mensah the CEO of VALCO to corporate bodies and financial institutions soliciting for funds which I find very unfortunate,” he alleged.

The Dsaasetse accused the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Sheik I.C. Quaye, Mayor of Accra, Stanley Agyiri Blankson, the police service and other state officials for lending support and protection for Dr. Jo Blankson.

“They are all supporting the illegalities…they are providing them with support and police protection. They have said it in various forums,” he said.

It is however not clear whether President Kufuor who has been formally invited will attend the function or otherwise. When the kingmakers visited the Castle, the seat of government, last week to invite him to the coronation he asked them to resolve all outstanding disputes regarding the succession.