"Can Okomfour Kwadee ever be cured of his mental health challenges?" This is a question a lot of people are asking regarding the many fruitless attempts at getting treatment for the one-time hiplife darling.

Some of his friends and helpers have lost interest offering further assistance, particularly due to his mother's posture towards some of them.

Quick Action is among some music industry people that have faced challenges in trying to offer support to Kwadee.

Others like Abraham Ohene Djan, Ogunskele of 2Toff Fame, Hammer Nti of Pure FM and Evangelist Lord Kenya had all tried to get medical relief for him but to no avail. Kwadee's mother is reported to have, on several occasions, obstructed any intervention from friends and stakeholders of the creative industry, a behaviour that has gotten a lot of these industry people disinterested in getting closer to Kwadee.

According to Ezekiel Aguyire, a relative Kwadee that I spoke to a few days ago, Okomfour’s mother usually wards off some industry people that come to the aid for her son because he usually goes back to drugs after getting into contact with the "helpers."

“Some of the people, when they are helping him and they notice that he is getting well, they take him to shows and after that he goes back to smoking," he stated.

That notwithstanding, a lot more people in the entertainment industry are unfazed by any form of inhibition. They are ready to help and they believe he will get better.

As of now, I am privy to information that some groups and individuals in the music industry are making plans to offer him treatment.

Hiplife artiste, Pope Skinny, who earlier shared a post on Facebook, seeking a contact to Kwadee, also said on Hitz FM that he was willing to do everything within his power to save Okomfour's life.

"The video broke me and brought tears into my eyes. This is somebody that featured me. This is somebody that I was looking up to," he told Dr. Shine and Kofi Hayford on Cruise Control.

Pope Skinny had written in his Facebook post: "Please, in the name of God, I want someone to give me the direct contact to Okomfo Kwadee. I wanna help real bad. I don't need help from nobody. I wanna help my godfather. I'm writing this here cus I no get contact to him. All is well JJ. If we pass up, wey eno work, we go pass ground, I swear. I go help spiritually, physically and mentally. God dey."

Some of the music industry stakeholders who are planning on getting Kwadee a better form of treatment, have disclose to me new approaches they believe could help get the 'Abrantie' hitmaker back on his feet.

While some think there could be spiritual factors to the musician's current situation, others also believe that if he is taken to a proper rehab centre, and allowed to fully heal (without desperation to get him back in the studio or music stages), he will be fine.

In my interview with Ezekiel Aguyire, he told me about Kwadee's current situation and asked for financial assistance.

“He is not feeling well. But now he is a little better. We need the help of Ghanaians for our brother now. He is not supposed to be here but because for the sickness [he had to leave Kumasi],” he said.

He explained that they took him to several places for treatment but due to "money issues" they could not afford some of the medical services.

While seeking suggestions from the public on what to do to give Kwadee the right treatment, Ezekiel mentioned that "even if you find the solution without money, you can't do anything."

Kwadee is one of a number of Ghanaians musicians whose music careers got knocked down due to drug dependency. He has, for the past decade and over, been battling drug addiction, going in and out of rehab centres.

The Joy FM Creative Addictions documentary highlights the untold misery drug use and addiction have caused many people (including creatives) across the world.

Some have died through the dependency, others are still wallowing in the condition, but there are examples of entertainers who have also got healed by seeking medical care. The Chosen Rehab Centre in Accra, is on record to have provide relief for some people in such a situation.

I strongly believe that Kwadee can get well again. Industry stakeholders need to come together (again), collaborate with the family, take him back to a proper rehab, let him be FULLY healed before he is allowed to engage in any [music] activity. He would have to be shielded from anything that can nudge him into relapse. I know some people tried in the past. Maybe we need to change the approach. We can’t let such a talent wither away just like that.

Kwadee's unique style of rapping and singing, together with his captivating story-telling prowess, set him apart from his contemporaries.

He is known for songs such as 'Abrantie', 'Ofie Nipa', 'Meko M'anim', 'Yeko Mmaa Pe', 'Ataa Adwoa', 'Boyz Boyz', among others.

Watch CREATIVE ADDICTIONS documentary below:

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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.