Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo has claimed he is not obsessed with winning the Pichichi, the award for Spain’s top scorer, after the team’s 4-0 win over Getafe.

Ronaldo grabbed an impressive hat-trick, the Portuguese player’s seventh this season.

The former Manchester United man is now on 36 La Liga goals, five ahead of Lionel Messi with Ronaldo scoring 49 goals in all competitions.

Ronaldo is now two goals behind Hugo Sanchez’s record of 38 La Liga goals in a season with two games to go, but is adamant he is not overly concerned with overtaking that feat.

“It is true that I am fighting to be the top scorer but it is not an obsession [to beat Hugo Sanchez’s record],” the attacker told Spanish media after the game.

“It’s true my team-mates have looked for me at times in particular so that I would score more, but collective efforts are always more important that individual exploits.”

The winger was pleased with the victory but was keen to point out the team were only carrying out what was expected of them by coach Jose Mourinho.

“We are playing at a very high level. The priority was to work hard and win our remaining league games. The coach has asked us to do this and we’ve responded well,” he added.

Next up for Ronaldo and company is a trip to Villarreal at the weekend where the Portuguese international will be hoping to get on the scoresheet again.



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