Cummins Inc., a global diesel engine manufacturer has said it would to continue to expand its network of Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs) in Africa with the launch of the Ghana center.

This the company says is to enhance the logistics of its parts delivery in the region.

Cummins global RDC network expansion strategy enables a wider inventory of parts that may not be carried at a distributor or dealer level in some parts of the world, enabling faster service for repairs.

By redistributing its global parts inventory to RDCs, fulfilment times for stock orders and emergency orders are reduced, as multiple shipments of parts are sent from the RDCs to Cummins distributors each week to ensure in-stock availability closer to Cummins global customer base.

 “As the global nature of Cummins business expands, and the pace of business continues to accelerate, the need to increase our support to our customer base does so as well,” said Doug Sunkel, Executive Director – Cummins Global Logistics.

“Virtually every aspect of our parts delivery system has been improved, providing an even higher level of service excellence to enable exceptional customer support.”

The new Cummins RDC in Ghana is a state-of-the-art facility designed to expedite the movement of Genuine Cummins new and ReCon parts and Fleetguard filters, utilizing a robust supply chain footprint.

With prioritized shipping, orders are classified and fulfilled based on customer need. Stock orders received before 3:30 p.m. on any business day will be ready for pickup anytime after 3:30 p.m. two business days later.

For critical orders – where an engine is down – the order can be expedited and ready for pickup in 24 hours.

The Ghana RDC will eventually include a bonded warehousing solution, providing regional customers outside of Ghana’s borders the ability to order Genuine Cummins parts and Fleetguard filters faster and with potential for duty savings.

The establishment of the RDC in Ghana enhances Cummins capabilities in Africa – and those of its local service providers – to better manage inventory, shipping, and handling.

This enables Cummins customers to achieve increased productivity from their equipment with reduced downtime, helping them to manage their businesses for even greater profitability.

“Cummins engines have a reputation for high quality and reliability,” said Sunkel. “We’re working just as hard to ensure our parts delivery system is as efficient as our engines.” 

The Ghana RDC is the first to open on the continent of Africa. Additional RDCs in Africa are being evaluated so that Cummins customers throughout Africa can benefit from the increased availability of Genuine Cummins parts and Fleetguard filters.


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