A former president of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Dr Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe, has called for the dissolution of the current senior national team, Black Stars.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show on Wednesday, he explained that for the Black Stars to redeem its prominence in football, “the first thing is to dissolve it entirely and look for a new competent coach.”

“If you see some of the players in the Black Stars you ask yourself what they are doing there?” he said.

According to him, the coach’s performance is an indication that he can no longer handle the team, hence, his call for a new coach to be contracted.

On Tuesday, the Black Stars lost to Comoros Islands in a 3-2 defeat.

Many fans have been disappointed with many venting their anger on the national coach, Milovan Rajevac, for poor work done in managing the team.

Ghana’s quest to conquer the African continent in the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations was hit with a snag on Tuesday, January 18, as they lost to Comoros in their last group game.

The Black Stars suffered a last-gasp heartbreak while chasing a goal that could have seen them progress into the last 16 of the tournament.

Going into the game, Ghana, who had picked up just one point in the opening two games, needed a win at all cost to ensure they stood a chance of advancing into the next round of the competition.

But at the Roumde Adjia Stadium on Tuesday night, Ghana ended on the losing side with a 3-2 scoreline.

Commenting on the team’s performance, the former GFA president said, “I would have sacked the coach immediately if I was the President of the GFA.

“I don’t believe Milovan was purposely engaged for the World Cup. Milo’s performance now should tell you the man has lost his bearings, and he can’t handle the Black Stars the way we want,” he said.

“We need a coach, the new coach should be given a free hand to make his own selections, that is very important,” he added.

Dr Nyaho Tamakloe also acknowledged that though some of the existing players are good footballers and can start the new team, there is the need not to over-rely on foreign-based players.

He noted that with the performance that has been seen generally in Cameroon, any good footballer or football manager could easily tell that going to the World Cup will be a waste of time.

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