A Land Economist at the University of Cape Coast is calling for Ghana’s land administration to be overhauled in order for the future generation not to suffer.

Dr Ebenezer Gyamera says owing to the increasing population growth, coupled with threats and violence accompanying the interests in land acquisition, it is only a proper decentralisation and digitisation of the land administration that could resolve the challenges.

Speaking at the launch of a book titled ‘Ghana Land in Focus’, the land expert indicated the issue of land guards that pose a threat to investors could be taken care of if the system is overhauled.

From his perspective, Ghana’s increasing population has put enormous pressure on the country’s lands and as such state authorities should explore proactive means of dealing with Ghana’s land administration.

He cautioned: “Any nation that does not put land administration as part of its core mandate does not have a future.”
Dr Gyamera further added Ghana must put its land administration first and referred to how well Rwanda was doing after the country tackled its land administration issue very head-on.

Decentralise and digitise land administration to reduce issue of land guards - Land Economist

The school of Agric at the University of Cape Coast has gone through processes to establish a Land Use and Spatial Planning Unit to help deal with such land issues.
Head of the Department of Soil Science at UCC, Edward Akwasi Ampofo wants people to be vigilant in the acquisition of land.

The Overload of Gomoa Dego, and Apowmudzehen of the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Area, Nana Adwoa Eduful II, also encouraged prospective land users not to rush into acquiring land but seek proper guidance and use the right processes to acquire the land.

The Ghana land in Focus is a book on Ghana’s land administration and this has been translated into several Ghanaian languages and uploaded on YouTube to enable many to access them for educational purposes.

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