The Poly Products Ghana Limited, has introduced a new kind of plastic material, which decomposes when exposed to sunlight.

The product, called photodegradable plastic bags and being introduced in Ghana for the first time, was made from an addictive material, which makes plastics decompose rapidly into water and carbon dioxide when the sun shines on it.

The Corporate Affairs Manager of the Poly Group of Company, Mr Ebow Botwe who disclosed this to the Ghana News Agency in Accra said the company introduced the degradable plastic bags to help provide solution to the plastic waste menace in the country.

“These bags have been tested and proven by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and are now available for retailers and the general public to use in Ghana,” Mr Botwe said.

He explained that the degradable plastic bags fell apart like a dry autumn leaf until they totally disintegrated into carbon dioxide and water, which was absorbed into the ground.

Ordinary plastic bags usually last for about 500 years without decomposing, however, the degradable bags decompose as and when the sun shines on it.

He said the chemical used in producing these bags was formally used only in agriculture and acts as a catalyst in decomposing the bags and noted that they could also be reused as well as be recycled.

Mr Botwe said the products was available for sale in the local market and named specifically, Shoprite at the Accra Shopping Mall and urged the public to patronise it to help solve the plastic menace.

“We at the Poly Group are excited about this technology, which will make a huge positive impact on the chronic plastic waste menace,” Mr Botwe said.

Source: GNA