The ongoing demolition of unauthorised structures along the Accra-Tema Motorway being undertaken by seven District Assemblies on the stretch will end tomorrow October 13, 2021.

The joint exercise, which commenced last week from Shiashi at the Accra end of the Motorway is under the auspices of the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Mr Henry Quartey.

Personnel involved in the exercise were drawn from Tema Metropolitan Assembly, Ashaiman, Ayawaso West, Adenta, Tema West, LA Dadekotopon, and Ledzokuku Municipal Assemblies, as well as the TDC Development Company Limited.

The massive demolition exercise since its commencement, had mostly affected squatters and traders who have erected metal containers and other makeshift dwelling places. 

Demolition of illegal structures along Tema Motorway ends on Wednesday

Tema Metropolitan Public Relations Officer, Frank Asante giving an update of the exercise, told the Ghana News Agency in Tema that it had so far been peaceful, with most of the affected persons removing their structures voluntarily, ahead of the arrival of the taskforce.

Mr Asante said the exercise would pave way for the smooth take off of the major motorway expansion project.

He hinted that the exercise might be extended to some unauthorized structures within the inner cities in Tema as the sprawling squatter settlements contributed to the huge sanitation challenge in the metropolis as they have no places of convenience as well as waste disposal places.

According to him it was the vision of the TMA to make Tema shine again, and therefore he appealed to land owners who had left their lands undeveloped, creating opportunities for squatters to take over to as a matter of urgency develop it or fence it.

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