The Head of the Local Government Service (OHLGS), Dr Nana Ato Arthur has urged media practitioners to desist from disseminating unsubstantiated issues about the service.

Delivering a keynote speech at a media soiree on Thursday, Dr. Arthur said such false news often dent the reputation attained by the Service.

“Last year alone, my outfit had to issue disclaimers to several false reports that gained wide circulation on social and online media portals without confirmation from my office.

“Although I have been briefed that these things are done for the parochial gains of the perpetrators, such practice puts my institution in the wrong light, and I would request your assistance to address such gaps going forward,” he noted.

Highlighting the successes chalked by his outfit, Dr Arthur noted that LGS has embarked on what he described as massive staff capacity development.

According to him, the programme sought to strengthen Performance Management System (PMS) at all levels of the Service and ensure the discipline of staff at all levels of the Service

He also noted that about 10,000 staff have been recruited to ensure that Ghanaians are given the best services in their engagement with LGS.

Dr Arthur further revealed that the Service is expecting an amount of GH¢1,471,227,741.30 from the government and other development partners (DPs) to enable the service to undertake and complete its planned activities this year.

The activities, he said includes strengthening inter-service collaboration and co-operation and the performance management systems, staff capacity development for improved service delivery, the institution of health and wellness awareness programme to be replicated at all levels and the institution of an award scheme to honour staff with outstanding performance at the OHLGS

He further announced that the Births and Deaths Registry would also be decentralised to ensure effective and swift service delivery.

The media soiree is an annual event that brings together news editors and reporters from various media outlets in the country, to improve the knowledge of the press about the Service and also strengthen the existing relationship between the Service and its media stakeholders.

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