As part of its health awareness campaign to promote fitness amongst its members, the umbrella body for Disk Jockeys in Ghana, DJUGA, is set to organize a health walk through some principal streets of regional capitals across Ghana on Saturday, July 31, for its members.

To encourage the culture of exercising and healthy living among Ghanaian DJs and other professionals in the creative arts ecosystem in Ghana, the walk, christened DJUGA Health Walk, will draw Disc Jockeys and other professionals within the music industry in all regional capitals and will end with an aerobics session and health screening exercise.

According to Kwame Adu Gyamfi, the association’s interim president, it is important for professionals in the music industry to exercise for good health, adding that DJUGA Health Walk is an opportunity for the participants to socialise.

DJs Union Of Ghana to hold health walk on July 31

The Association’s Organising Secretary, Daniel Badu, known in Creative Arts circles as DJ Aberga, also assured that “this walk is basically to exercise. We will have the health stand where participants will have the opportunity to check their weight and blood pressure to keep themselves healthy.”

The DJs Union Of Ghana (DJUGA) Health Walk is the first of its kind for Disc Jockeys to be held in Ghana. All Covid-19 protocols will be observed.

Founder of the DJs Union of Ghana Merqury Quaye said, “what we intend to do is to bring all the professionals together; thus, people who have studied and come out as professional DJs, those who got into the profession out of passion, as well as members who are students and learning.”

The union is expected to hold its general elections later this year.

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