Dr. Dziffa Bella Ofori Adjei, a consultant pediatric ophthalmologist at the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital has stated that, an unhealthy lifestyle of too much alcohol intake and smoking can lead to eye problems.

According to her, eye problems are avoidable by adopting healthy lifestyles – reducing alcohol intake and quitting smoking.

Speaking to Emefa Apawu on The Pulse, on Thursday, Dr. Ofori Adjei stated that, when a lot of alcohol is consumed, certain mineral deficiencies occur and lead to loss of vision that cannot be restored.

“It causes optic atrophy, there’s an optic nerve which is the powerhouse of the eye, when you take in a lot of alcohol you get certain mineral deficiencies and it can result in what we call nutritional optic neuropathy and that optic neuropathy is not curable. Once it occurs and you stop drinking it the vision won’t come back”

She added that eye problems are avoidable by practicing good habits.

The interview was held against the background that October 14 marks World Sight Day. This year’s theme is, “Love your eyes”. The objective for the observance of the day is to create public awareness about causes of visual impairment and blindness.

She urged welders, carpenters and persons who are in occupations that predispose them to hazards that could affect their eyes, to always use protective glasses.

Dr. Dziffa Bella Ofori Adjei added that, radiation from the sun can be prevented by the wearing of dark glasses when stepping out into a sunny weather.

The Consultant Pediatric Ophthalmologist stated that most of the eye cases reported at the hospital are partial impairment and total loss of vision.

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