A 37-year-old businessman has appeared before an Accra Circuit Court for allegedly inserting his finger into the private part of a four-year-old girl, on Wednesday.

Edwin Okang Lomo is alleged to have committed the act two years ago at Mamprobi but fled the area after the act.

He was however picked up after he returned to his family house at Mamprobi.

Lomo who was legally represented has been charged with indecent assault and pleaded not guilty.

The court presided over by Christina Cann admitted Mr Lomo to bail in the sum of ¢50,000 with two sureties one to be justified with a landed property worth ¢50,000.

The title deed of the said property should be deposited at the Court’s Registry pending the final determination of the trial, the court ordered.

It further restrained the accused to stay 50 meters away from the victim and directed the prosecution to within 14 days file all witness statements it would be relying on for the trial and serve the accused and his lawyer with it.

The accused is expected to reappear in two weeks’ time.

Prosecuting, Sergeant Opoku Aniagyei who held the brief of Chief Inspector Judith B. Asante said the complainant is a seamstress and a grandmother of the victim.

He said the accused who is also known as Baby Nii resides in the same family house with the victim and the complainant at Mamprobi.

Prosecution said on July 21, 2018, the complainant overheard the victim talking to accused whiles he was having his bath.

Prosecution said the complainant shouted at the victim to leave that place and come to her and the victim obliged.

He said at about 1815 pm of the same day whiles the complainant was bathing the victim when she attempted to wash the vagina of the victim but she showed signs of pain.

The Prosecution said the complainant questioned the victim as to what has happened of which the victim narrated her ordeal that the accused lured her into his room, convince her to remove her pant and inserted his finger into her vagina.

Prosecution said the parents of the victim were contacted and on July 22, 2018 the victim was sent to the hospital for examination whilst a complaint was lodged with the Police.

The Prosecution said Lomo sensing danger went into hiding, however on July 8, this year at around 5 am, Mr Lomo came back to the family house, the police was informed, and Lomo was arrested.

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