Oddly Enough

Duck with foot condition gets custom-made shoes

A duck is walking more comfortably after a Tennessee veterinarian created a pair of custom orthopedic shoes from kitchen mats.

Dr. Matt Quillen said Jenny the Duck was brought into the Rocky Top Veterinary Hospital by her owner, John Dixon, when he noticed her legs were turned inward when she walked.

Quillen said Jenny was found to have condition known as “bumblefoot,” which is sometimes caused by walking on rough surfaces.

“She was having a lot of pressure on those feet and developed some really large sores,” Quillen told WCYB-TV.

Quillen said he used kitchen mats from a local hardware store to create a pair of custom orthopedic shoes for Jenny.

“I wear Crocs, those are my shoes of choice and they always aggravate me around here,” he said. “So I said, ‘I’m going to make Jenny like me and we will put her in some ‘Quacks.'”

The veterinary clinic shared video of Jenny walking in her new shoes.

“He definitely went above and beyond,” Dixon said of Quillen.