Residents of Mohi-fong in the Savelugu-Nanton Municipality of the Northern Region, have expressed worry about an unbearable stench emanating from a refuse disposal site, left unattended to by the Municipal Assembly in the area.

The residents say they have to endure the repulsive stench every day, making breathing unbearable to them whenever it rains. They fear this could cause an outbreak of diseases in the area if nothing is done about it.

Joy News’ Hashmin Mohammed spoke to some residents who say the situation is so bad that sometimes when the wind blows, it carries some of the filth from the dump site into their homes and drinking waters.

The dump site has also become dumping grounds for aborted foetus of unwanted pregnancy. Suleiman Asalifu, assemblyman of the area, said several appeals to the Savelugu-Nanton Municipal Assembly about the situation in his area, have yielded no positive results.

Prince Askia Mohammed, Municipal Chief Executive of the area says efforts are ongoing to get residents of the area to undertake a communal exercise to clear the dump site.