The Very Reverend Samuel Adu-Boateng, Superintendent Minister of the Sunyani Circuit of the Methodist Church on Good Friday urged Christians to ensure that the celebration of Easter changed their lifestyles.

He said “the celebration of the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross should be the end of our commitment of sins.

“It should not only be the ritual of cladding in mourning clothes and confessing of our sins only to go wayward again after the festivities”, the Reverend Minister stressed in a sermon at a Good Friday service at the Wesley Cathedral in Sunyani.

Rev Adu-Boateng expressed regret that Christians had limited the celebration of the death of the Saviour to the festivities, stressing, “The significance of the Cross on which the Saviour died should be central to our Christian faith”.

The Methodist priest noted that the celebration of the death of Christ demanded attitudinal change among Christians since it bridged the vacuum created between God and man by sin.

“Christians must give meaning to the passion and death of Christ who showed a high and unparalleled level of love for humankind”, Rev Adu-Boateng added.

Prophet Osei Amaniampong, Sunyani Area head of the Church of Pentecost preaching at a convention of the church at Bechem called on Ghanaians to beware of so-called “prophets of doom” who peddle lies to cause fear and anxiety among the populace.

He urged Ghanaians, especially Christians, to have faith in God and to avoid “short-cut” means of receiving blessings from God to escape damnation unto themselves.

The church leader advised Ghanaians to eschew excessive quest for wealth and power, explaining that “greed kills a nation and this social canker must not be allowed to control us to ruin us and the national economy”.

Mr. Osei Sekyere Bota, Tano South District Chief Executive, debunked allegations that Bechem “is the witchcraft centre of Ghana”.

He advised detractors of the town to spare it the agony of being abused with such degradatory titles as many churches operate in and around the town.

The DCE called on religious bodies to be more socially responsible and to partner the government in the implementation of its policies.

Source: GNA


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