President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) Roland Affail Monney has commended journalists who covered the just ended December 7 elections for their stellar performance before, during, and after the elections.

According to him, it takes boldness and fearlessness to deliver such a commendable performance while covering an election.

Speaking on Newsfile Saturday he particularly praised the Multimedia Group for the accuracy of their Election 2020 projection.

“The projection accuracy displayed by the Multimedia Group encapsulates the performance of the Ghanaian media on Election Day and as far as Election 2020 is concerned. I know the main opposition party has problems with projections and it takes boldness, it takes fearlessness to do this kind of job.

“And let me use this opportunity to sprinkle a stardust of commendation on the Ghanaian media community for their conspicuous dazzle during the Election night, the polling day, for their willingness to die for the nation, for their reportorial skills, editorial competence, for their energy budgets which they displayed copiously throughout the voting process.”

Mr. Affail Monney further stated that even though there were some hitches with delivery during the process, it doesn’t take away the fact that the media did exceedingly well in the 2020 Election media coverage.

“Ours is a human institution, and like all human institutions, perfection is an impossible goal, but these imperfections do not obscure the fact that the media did exceedingly well for which we applaud them.”