ElectionHQ: Low turnout in Anlo polling station

There is low turnout in the Anlo constituency in the Volta Region as some residents protest poor living conditions.

Joy News' Ivy Setordzie said most of the residents in the constituency refused to take part in the ongoing presidential and parliamentary elections.

As at 5:00pm only 260 out of 447 voters had cast their ballots, at Fuveme, Setordzie reported.

Residents in the area which is a stronghold of the ruling National Democratic Congress(NDC), are unhappy with the string of tidal waves disasters they have suffered over the years.

Due to their emotional attachment to the area, the residents have refused to move despite the collosal loss they have suffered as a result of waves.

They consider the place their home and have no immediate plans to move. They wanted government to intervene and put in place adequate measures to protect them and their properties but that appears not to have been done.

This seems to have influenced their decision not to vote.

"They say it is too long for government to take a decision to construct a sea defense wall to save them and their properties from the high waves hence their disnterest in the exercise," Ivy Setordjie reported.

She said the men in the area had gone fishing while the women were going about their household chores.