Street and Homeless Shelter Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, has called on the government and stakeholders to empower street children to reduce crime in society.

The call came during a donation to street children and head porters also known as ‘Kayaye’ at Madina in the Greater Accra Region.

They say the donation is to improve the living conditions of the children.

“As part of our goal to help and secure street and homeless people, we will be organising donations and medical screenings to other communities such as refugee camps, disabled and other people on the street,” Executive Director of the NGO, Adelaide Abena Frimpong, said.

Items donated included blankets, mosquito repellents and baby baskets, among others.

According to her, the conditions of people who live on the street are very poor and should be a matter that should be treated with great concern.

The NGO which aims at building capacity of people living on the street seeks to better lives through digital and vocational skills training.

Adelaide Abena Frimpong also called for an end to physical attacks against street children and head porters.

She noted that people who live on the street are usually easy targets for criminals and victims of kidnapping, molestation, harassment, and rape.

However, there is a need to empower them to reduce crime in society, she said.

Head porters or Kayayes are known to be migrants, mostly from the northern parts of the country, in search of jobs and better living conditions.

But they resort to head porting as a trade after a while of not acquiring any jobs.

Adelaide Abena Frimpong further called on philanthropists and other organisations to join hands with the Foundation to provide support to street children and the homeless.