It is often said that age is no limitation to one’s education. However, the benefits of early grade schooling elude most late starters.

Confidence, ability to socialize with peers and a higher chance of completing formal schooling are some of the few advantages of enrolling your child early in school.

As part of JoyNews' month-long 'Enroll Me Now' campaign, aimed at promoting right age enrollment, Joel Oduro, 28, told Emefa Ewoenam Atiamoah-Eli how starting school at age 12 snuffed out his big dreams.

"My age mates were far ahead and I was always being teased 'Class One Papa' when I started school at age 12 so I was not feeling comfortable at all,' he said.

According to him, being the eldest in the class made him detest going to school and always keep to himself to prevent being teased. 

"I was unable to express myself well and my confidence was affected because I always kept to myself,' he said.

Mr Oduro who describes his current occupation as a TV cameraman as an opportunity granted him by grace, plans to go back to school to add value to himself. 

"I used to tell my friends I was going to be a doctor, but going to school late and dropping out has killed my dreams," he said.

As schools reopen for a new academic year, Mr Oduro is encouraging parents and guardians to take their children to school at an early age to forestall what happened to him. 

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