The Environmental Protection Agency has justified its decision to allow Ghana Gas Company to flare gas.

According to the agency, the company lacks infrastructure to store up excess gas, hence it decision to allow Ghana Gas Company to flare the excess gas.

Natural gas is flared to prevent explosion.

A Director at EPA, Kojo Efunam, said some gases can be put together even when the reservoirs are full.

“We’re still having issues with the flare in the field that we’re producing, particularly Jubilee oil field. So much gas has been reinjected into the reservoir that currently they cannot continue that way, otherwise they will destroy the reservoir.”

“So that is why we had to give them the concession to flare and since the gas infrastructure that we have can only take certain quantity”, he emphasised.

“Once we’re taking from ENI, whatever is going to come from Jubilee will be additional,” he pointed out.