The former Nkoranza North Member of Parliament, Eric Amoateng, has been acquitted of charges of possessing forged documents.

The High Court in Accra said the Prosecution failed to prove that the former MP was aware that documents were forged.

Mr. Amoateng was arrested in 2014 on his arrival from the United States where served a 10-year jail term for narcotic offences.

Just when he arrived, he was picked up and escorted to the offices of the NACOB officials for a debriefing session.

The launched fresh investigation into a criminal case of passport fraud against him after he  was found to be in possession of a valid Ghanaian passport No. H2347080 issued in Accra on Feb 23, 2009 at a time he was in jail in the US.

Mr. Amoateng was arrested in the USA on 11th December 2005 and tried for possession of heroin and subsequently convicted and jailed for ten 10 years which he served and was released on 30th July, 2014.  

Prosecutors’ case was that Mr. Amoateng was in prison at the time the passport he is travelling with was issued and could therefore not have been available at the time to apply for and be issued with same.

Assuming that it was applied for and on his behalf, the question would arise as to how the passport form was acquired and completed, given that there is a requirement for signature and thumbprint as the case was, with regard to the old passport. 

Joy News checks at the time

Joy News' preliminary checks at the passport office revealed that passport No. H2347080 was issued to a young lady (name withheld).

However, she never received her passport. Although the records still suggest that the passport is in her name. Investigators inquired into how the lady's passport ended up in the hands of Mr. Amoateng and bearing his particulars while retaining only the lady's passport number. 

The Police were convinced that they had conclusive evidence that the passport in the possession of Mr. Amoateng was fraudulently acquired.

They were, however, unable to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused knew that the passport was acquired through fraudulent means, if at all, Joy News’ Joseph Ackah-Blay reported.

Mr. Charles Puozuing, lawyer for Mr. Amoateng, said he was unhappy the case had been kept his client had endure another trial for two years after the ordeal in the US.

He felt vindicated by the Court's verdict.

He was happy that the case has been determined and that the former legislator could live his life in peace.

Ackah-Blay reported that excited family members sprayed powder on the Nkroanza native after the judgment was given.