Ghanaian gospel musician, Eugene Zuta has released his latest album titled God factor.

The album is a live recording project produced by KODA for Koded Studios.

Having released two singles from the album in April and September already this year, patrons of Eugene Zuta’s songs are excited about the new album.

The album has 9 tracks which include the following:

  • PaPa – A declaration of the Father heart of God
  • Jehovah – A worshipful anthem to God’s greatness
  • Wa’Yeyi (Your Praise)- Appreciation to Jesus Christ for His redemptive work
  • M’akoma (My Heart)- Featuring Bethel Revival Choir, which speaks about the need to have Jesus stationed in our hearts
  • Okasa( At His Word)- Talks about the efficacy of the Word of Jesus Christ and its ability to change situations.
  • Jesus Medley- A collection of songs proclaiming Jesus as Lord.
  • Oga( Boss)- Declares Jesus as Lord
  • Spiritual Songs- A Pentecostal medley comprising some original songs Eugene Zuta songs, some hymns and public domain local songs, set in an atmosphere of meditation.
  • Nkunim (Victory) Declares the Victory of Jesus Christ.

During the virtual launch of the album, Eugene Zuta indicated that “it is his heartfelt prayer for the songs on this album to be channeled through which many will experience the presence and power of God in their personal lives.”

The album features Uncle Ato, Bethel Revival Choir and was produced by KODA.

The album can be accessed here.

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