If you were hoping an end was in sight for the ongoing erratic load shedding, then you may have to revise your plans. The Ghana Grid Company says it expects some level of load shedding to carry on for the next two months at least.

Speaking on Business Trends on JOY FM, the Manager of the System Control Centre of GRIDCo, Frank Otchere said "what we have is short of expected demand" with respect to the current generation capacity. 

He explained the present challenge with power generation was as a result of fuel supply issues, limited supply of gas from Nigeria, and insufficient hydro-power.

Mr. Otchere however told Business Trends host, George Wiafe that there are ongoing efforts to stem the tide.

"We hope some generation will come in from TICO's new turbine generator which would bring in 100 megawatts capacity somewhere in the first quarter of the year. The VRA is also working on the Kpone-Tema Power Plant which is also expected to bring in 220 megawatts," he said.

Power consumers have had to endure long, uninformed hours and sometimes days of blackouts. The situation is taking a toll on industries, which are complaining of huge losses.  

Meanwhile, the Volta River Authority has assured it is working to make the situation better.

Head of Corporate Communications, Samuel Fletcher said on the show, "we are in a crisis, it's important we admit [that]".