The Afadzato South District Assembly has launched a pro tourism event dubbed Explore Afadzato 2020, to promote and project the district’s tourism potential.

Speaking at the launch, the Afadzato South District Chief Executive, Etornam Flolu, expressed optimism the event would help improve the assembly’s revenue mobilization, create jobs, and accelerate socio-economic development in the district. 

“This is where we get to allow people to come in. We need to get investors to come in to understand what we have and offer what we have so we can benefit significantly… Our capacity is strong, but our capacity can be better enhanced when we allow people to come in,” he said.

The 4-day event slated for October 21 – 25 2020 is expected to attract hundreds of tourists and travellers to the district which holds over 14 interesting and intriguing tourist sites. 

Some exciting activities that promise to take place are the visit to Akpom falls, Kente fairs, African games, bonfires and cultural nights among many others.

Present was the Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Authority, Akwasi Agyemang highlighting the pivotal role tourism plays in a nation, describing it as “a gold mine” that has yet to be fully explored.

“I urge all of you, that tourism is a gold mine that we have never taken seriously, where massive economic activity can benefit upper and small business alike,” he said.

He advocated for all persons to come in their numbers and make the event a success.

“Afadjato south is a beautiful place. Come in and experience us. We are very beautiful and wonderful people and this is where to make money because it a virgin market for everybody,” Etornam concluded.