Vodafone Ghana has unveiled a refreshed ‘Family and Friends’ offer, enabling customers to call their most valued contacts across all local networks and international locations.

Under the new ‘Family and Friends’ offer, customers can sign-up a total of six people into their family and friends ‘circle’ as follows: four on the Vodafone network, one from another local network and one from any international location. Customers on the ‘Family and Friends’ offer pay just 5p for calls on the Vodafone network, 8p across local networks and 10p across international locations.

Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Uche Ofodile reiterated Vodafone’s commitment to providing its customers with unbeatable value: “Ghanaians are often referred to as the most sociable people on the continent, and as such, their family and friends are important to them.”

“Our new ‘Family and Friends’ offer allows our customers to spend more time with those most important to them, irrespective of where they are. We believe in giving our customers the opportunity to do more on the Vodafone network, with products that are convenient, flexible and affordable. Family and Friends offer is a fantastic example of this.”

Family and Friends can be used in conjunction with other prepaid Vodafone products. Vodafone customers can dial 555 to subscribe or dial *151# from their mobile phone for more information.


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