The family of a man who died at the 37 Military Hospital has sued the hospital, a doctor there, the Chief of Defence Staff and government demanding ¢2 million damages for medical negligence leading to his death.

The family says the death of Solomon Asare Kumah at the hospital in October 2019 was due to breach of contract and negligence by the hospital and the doctor, Col. Dr Gao Appiah who took care of him.

The family in the writ say “the hospital and its employees fail to exercise due care when they wrongly inserted Solomon’s breathing tube under his skin thereby denying oxygen for a considerable amount of time and as such causing stain on his heart and other organs and thus causing his death.”

The writ also says, “the hospital and his employees failed to ensure that on 16th September 2019, the drill required for Solomon’s surgery was in good working condition before cutting upon his skull thereby exposing his body and other organs to considerable strain and clotting in the vein, a condition with subsequently required a surgery and caused the family more than $5,500 dollars.”

The family is therefore demanding ¢2 million for negligently causing the death of Solomon Asare Kumah.

It is also demanding compensation for the widow and family members, also asking for general damages when it comes to the breach of contract between him and the hospital and it’s also asking for special damages to recover monies between ¢20,000 spent on his funeral, ¢36,000 which was money the family says was claimed from Solomon that and the family through deceit.

Brother of the deceased Emmanuel Asare Kumah who is suing on the family’s behalf tells JoyNews that the suit is to ensure justice.

“The pain and anguish and situation we found ourselves in so at this point there is nothing that we can do that to file a suit.”

According to him, he lodged a complaint in January 2019 to 37 Military Hospital administration to Brig. Obodai, who was the Commanding Officer, but nothing was heard from them until the story came out in February, March of 2020.

The military high command instituted a probe into circumstances leading to the death of my brother’s negligence.

“Since then we haven’t heard from the hospital. During the course of their investigation, we were requested to look at the transcript, make corrections when the need be but afterwards, there hasn’t been any contact by the Military High Command,” he said.

He added that he had lost both his parents in the course of the period.

Asare Kumah said the lawyers requested for the report after the Committees sitting into the death of his brother but the Military High Command did not provide that.

He added that although the Medical and Dental Council were also petitioned, no information has been heard from them so the family have no other avenue to seek redress than the law courts.