In the latest survey about internet speed and reliability, Ghana is rated as the country with one of the fastest internet connection in Africa.

The average internet speed in this country, according to Fast Metrics, is now around 4.73 Mbps, up significantly from a low average recorded in 2015.

This also means that the average internet speed in the country is now better than that of South Africa.

The improving internet speed and reliability presents a number of opportunities that are not to be missed, both for businesses and individual users. How can you benefit from a better internet connection?

A Global Market

There are two ways the internet can help you tap into the global market. If you own a business and you’re selling products to customers, the internet is actually a great place in through which you can connect with customers.

Set up an online storefront and incorporate the best marketing strategies to attract potential customers. It doesn’t take long before you start receiving orders from neighboring countries or even from around the world.

On the other hand, the internet also grants you access to a world of supplies and products.

Transforming a simple idea into products customers can actually buy is relatively easy with the help of manufacturing companies in China. You can buy products to sell in local markets from various countries, including China.

Let’s not forget that there are plenty of apps and resources that will also help you run your business more efficiently.

These resources can quickly help you and your business become more competitive in the fast-growing market of this country.

Online Education

Another substantial change brought by the World Wide Web is access to distance learning programs from European and US universities. You will be surprised by the number of programs you can now access online.

Even top names such as George Washington University are making their online masters in political science and other majors available to international students.

These online courses are conducted 100% online. They are relatively more affordable than offline programs, making them accessible to more students in Ghana.

Online courses are also accredited, so the online degree in political science you earn will be as valuable as a degree you acquire offline.

Access to Information

The biggest benefit of them all, however, is access to more content and information.

Faster and more stable internet means you can now tap into anything from detailed tutorials to TV shows and entertainment using nothing but your smartphone and a working internet connection.

There are millions of digital books to read too. Online libraries provide access to free literature that can be downloaded to any device.

Online bookstores, on the other hand, have the latest titles and new releases available for up to 90% off the price of print books and hardcovers.

The push towards providing better internet connection to more Ghanaians is still in its early days, but thousands are enjoying the benefits of having a better internet connection already.

Expect to see more people taking advantage of a reliable internet connection in the future.