The Church of Pentecost has disassociated itself from the false claims by Fauster Atta Mensah, who has been parading himself as a Nobel Prize winner in physics.

He was recently recongnised by the Church during its Extra Ordinary Council Meetings at Gomoah Feteh in the Central Region.

But the Church in a statement on its website said claims by Fauster Atta Mensah are false.

“The Church wishes to state that every year it acknowledges members who excel in their fields of endervour as a way of motivation based on trust. It is in this vein that seven members were honoured during this year’s Extra Ordinary Council Meetings including Fauster. Fauster’s claim has however turned out to be false,” the statement.

The Church has subsequently pulled down an article on its website celebrating Atta Mensah.

The statement added: “Meanwhile the church is helping him to see a clinical psychologist. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted,” the statement said.

Call it the lie of the century, Fauster Mensah succeeded, albeit a short-lived glory, in fraudulently presenting himself to the nation as the genius young Ghanaian of his time.

 He managed to fake his online presence. He created websites similar to CNN’s website, created Aljazeera YouTube pages with false information and photoshopped images of him in a NASA suit in space and a couple of photos of him claiming to have made a robotic hand.

Mr. Atta Mensah was nationally acclaimed to the extent of hoodwinking government ministries to sing his false achievements on their websites.

He went as far as getting an exclusive interview on state-owned broadcaster Ghana Television (GTV) during its peak hour on Moomen Tonight as a Nobel Prize Laureate.

Live on set, Atta Mensah told the national television that he was the current Chairman of African Computer Society (ACS) and the 4th youngest Ghanaian African Scientist to go to NASA.

Immediately after his TV interview, social media started buzzing with citizen journalists digging frantically to uncover the man many have described as Ghana’s biggest fraudster of our time.

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Watch excerpt of his interview on GTV