In the quest to enhance food security, some stakeholders are of the view that though capacity building for farmers is important, provision of materials and equipment is crucial.

This view was expressed at the launch of the Farmer Based Organizations capacity development project which seeks to contribute to create employment opportunities through sustained food security programs. The project was designed by the Australian Agency for International Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Food security is an on-going challenge in sub-Saharan Africa and has been responsible for some national and regional instability. One development objective under the Australian aid program is to improve food security by investing in agricultural productivity, which is the underlying reason for introducing a capacity building project for the Farmer Based Organizations.

The project seeks to strengthen the Farmer Based Organization secretariat and develop the capacity of selected FBO apex bodies.

Meanwhile, because of globalization, small holder producers in Ghana have to compete on the global market. In order to survive, these small scale farmers have to become efficient and produce in quantities required by the international market.

However, this poses a challenge as agriculture in Ghana is predominantly practiced on small holder, family-operated farms using simple technology to produce about 80% of the country’s total agriculture output.

As a result of this, the Deputy Minister of Fisheries Nii Amansah Namoale, acknowledged the importance of the project, emphasizing that ‘the ministry has been promoting the delivery of agricultural services among others, by facilitating the development of farmer based organizations’.

He also called on stakeholders and the farmers to avail themselves towards sustaining this project.

Philip Abayori, President of the National Farmers and Fishermen Award Winners Association also commended the project but agreed that more should be done besides capacity building.

Over 600 FBOs are expected to benefit from the 2year project.


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