The Chief Executive of First Atlantic Bank has urged the investing public to do business with the bank.  

Speaking in an interview in Accra, Gabriel Edgal said, “We have eight different product categories: asset product, project and trade finance, short term loans, business savings, purposive savings and trade. All these are done swiftly with competitive rate”.

Touching on one of the firm's products, the CEO said “one of the most important virtues that attracts businesses is the bank’s cash management capability. We are able to pick your cash anywhere in the country and credit you immediately – same day credit".

“This is despite the fact that we have only 16 branches across the country. As part of our 20th anniversary celebration, we are embarking on a massive charity projects. Every single branch has something doing; either renovating a hospital, constructing a bus stop  or supporting  other projects."

“We are going to continue with these till the end of the year. The bank will also have  its anniversary ball with its customers.”

He expressed his profound gratitude to the bank’s customers for their unflinching loyalty and urged prospective  customers to do business with the bank.

The CEO added that, “We don’t just offer products but tailored ones, we listen to our customers and deliberately  set up strategic  teams to address our customers needs.”