The residents of Nkwanta South Municipality of the Oti region are calling on authorities to fix a mental bridge that has become what they describe as a death trap.

The bridge which links Nkwanta to adjoining communities, according to commuters was constructed just about two years ago, but currently serving as a death trap.

JoyNews’ Peter Senoo reported its bolts and nuts in one of its arms is completely damaged with residents blaming it on heavy-duty vehicles that ply it.

A worried resident lamented how the bridge has become a major problem to commuters.

“It is very scary and affecting our business so the government should please intervene so we can also engage in our business,” he said.

Another resident added, “Now the bridge is destroyed, the only way one can cross with goods now is to offload them, cross the bridge and pack the goods back onto your truck. We are appealing to the government to come to our aid.”

The Roads Minister, Kwesi Amoako-Attah, during his visit to the community in September last year, instructed that the bride be fixed immediately but that seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

“The bridge is not up to two years so he [the minister] doesn’t understand why, but since he left, nothing has been done,” another resident stressed.

According him, the state of the bridge has become a threat not only to lives but properties in the area.

“The bridge that separates Shari from Nkwanta is now a very serious death trap which of course is another thing that is affecting the contractor.

“Bringing sand and all those things, he has to go and pass through Abrewanko which is about one hour journey, meanwhile, it’s just about three minutes ride,” he told Peter Senoo.

Meanwhile, other are of the view that the heavy truck used during the construction of the Nkwanta-Chilinga road was the cause of the state of the bridge.