Founder and Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) Hassan Ayariga described as shameful government’s attempts at stopping an intended fix the country demonstration.

According to Hassan Ayariga, what is more, shocking is the fact that all these attempts to abuse citizen’s constitutional rights to protest are happening under President Akufo-Addo who is acclaimed for his human rights records.

A group calling itself #FixTheCountry announced an intended demonstration on May 9th to protest what they said were hardships in the country but the Police secured a court injunction against them, stopping the intended protest in its tracks. The Police argued that due to Covid-19 and the potential for a spread, they could not offer protection.

The injunction has since been quashed by the Supreme Court but the protesters have to go through the Police again to seek protection for the intended demonstration.

“When has it become a crime to assemble, demonstrate and demand that government and duty bearers should fix the country? It is our constitutional right to do so and whoever is preventing these campaigners show now bury his head in shame. We must all come out to condemn this act by the Police and the people responsible for such acts.”

He added that “in any case, fit the president not use such events to nurse and promise his presidential ambition? If it was forbidden, why was he given the chance to do so? The current president has participated in 54 demonstrations. One of it was Kumepreko.”

He noted that government cannot say its banning protests due to Covid-19 when its officials are attending funerals and other events that breach the Covid-19 Preventive protocols.

“It is even funny and scary to use covid-19 restrictions as a means of forcefully preventing them from demonstrating when this same government held rallies and campaigns without honoring any of their own directives and covid-19 protocols. There are several instances where government brazenly defied their own rules and one of such is Sir John’s burial day.”