Superintendent Minister of Atonsu-Agogo Circuit of Methodist Church has prescribed flogging for public officials who dissipate state resources and fail to refund it.

He wants soldiers from the 64 Infantry Battalion given additional work by giving 24-strokes of lashes to public officials who loot state coffers.

Rev Solomon Bruce  said he considers live telecast of probes and committee hearings on matters of allegations of corruption as a waste of human and other state resources.

This is because very little results are achieved from these probes and meetings, he said. The clergyman argued it rather encourages nation-wreckers to perpetrate crimes against the state, knowing well they will face no sanctions.

Reverend Solomon Bruce who has backed the Auditor-General's request for prosecutorial powers said the additional powers will help Daniel Domelovo bring to book persons indicted for mismanagement of state resources.

Punishment of nation looters, he said, will deter people from using public resources for their own economic relief.

At a worship session, dubbed Miracle Jesus Crusade at Atonsu-Agogo over the weekend,  Rev Bruce revealed it is time to punish all those who milk state coffers dry.