Ghana’s first foodtech startup Oyenii which started operations a few months ago has added new meals to its breakfast menu.

“We are thrilled to share this excitement with our cherished customers, as a form of execution of the feedback we had from them” the Operations Manager, Hanna Yeboah said.

She continued, “as a foodtech startup, feedback is key for our growth so we launched a Customer Feedback project known as OyeniListens, which is to receive every single feedback from our customers and other stakeholders, hence the introduction of these new menus”

Just as requested by our customers, we are now having Tombrown, Rice Pudding, Rice Porridge and other accompaniments like Sausages, Rockbuns and Sausage rolls on the Oyenii App. For the fruit lovers, Apples and other fruits will be added in the coming days.

Oyenii food app uses technology to ensure corporate people do not skip their breakfast despite their busy schedules. So, it is putting the power in their customers’ palms to order food anytime, anywhere, and pay digitally.

Already, you can order healthy and nutritious local breakfast foods like Hausa Koko, Oblayo, Oatmeal, Wheat porridge and Ekuegbemi through the app. All these meals come with accompaniments like Akara, Koose, Puff Puff (boflot), Wheat & White Bread, Egg & Chili and many more.

There are also taste boosters like Honey, Brown & White Sugar, Peanuts etc and freebies like mints to make your breakfast complete.

The app allows customers to buy breakfast for friends, family, or colleagues and allows orders to pay for meal remotely using digital channels.

Services for corporate institutions and events are also available. Oyenii food app is available on Andriod and iOS platform.