Food vending app, Oyenii has supported mothers whose children are on admission at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Child Health department in Accra as part of its corporate social responsibility.

The group supplied breakfast packs to mothers who have neglected their dietary needs due to their children’s condition.

The Chief Executive of Ocean Hub Limited, the mother company of Oyenii, Ephraim Teye Spines, said they intend to put smiles on the faces of the distraught mothers whose children are being treated for cancer.

“The children are bedridden so they find it difficult to leave their side to go get meals so we brought the meals to them” he stated.

Mr Spines indicated that the donation is under the ‘Oyenii Cares Project’ to provide convivence and share a smile.

Food vending app, Oyenii fetes mothers and children in Korle-Bu Child Health unit

“We have plans to do similar donation across the country if the institutions give us the clearance” he added.

Mr Spines said the Oyenii app is very intelligent and user friendly whilst offering customers easier navigation and multiple means of payment.

He further explained that the new food vending App which is available on Android and IOS can be accessed through existing gadgets including smartphones, tablets and even Personal Computers (PC) and it’s expected to offer users healthy food on demand.

“Again, our on-demand food app, which is on the market, is only making available healthy yet nutritious foods to the market, and these are tried and tested recipes by health and nutrition professionals.

“So, we are making good food available anytime it’s in need through the power of technology,” he stated.

On behalf of the Korle-Bu Child Health department, a nurse at the department, Eugena Boafo Donkor.

The Oyenii app, locally developed and managed, allows users to select and order their preferred breakfast pack starting with as low as ¢10.

All payments are made digitally on the app, and the food is delivered to customers at no extra fee, and the app enables users to track the delivery riders live.